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What is a pharmacy discount card?
It is a FREE, pre-activated and ready-to-use card that can help save up to 75% on ALL prescription medications at virtually ALL drug stores.
How can the card help me?
Even with the Affordable Care Act now in place, there are still millions of people who need help paying for their prescription medications, either because they are uninsured or have a high deductible, high co-pays and/or limited drug list. They are subject to high and continually rising out-of-pocket prices. Our card provides relief by saving users up to 75% on almost all prescription medicines.
How do you use the card?
Present this card to the pharmacist when you or your family members are filling a new prescription or renewing an old one. This card has a unique code that will tell the pharmacist the exact amount each of your prescriptions will be discounted. Savings vary based on the drug and the pharmacy or state you reside in.
Where can I use the card?
Over 60,000 participating pharmacies in America accept our discount card, including major retail pharmacy chains such as: Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, and numerous regional and local pharmacies.
Who is eligible to use the card?
The Prescription Assistance Program is open to anyone who needs help affording their medications — insured or uninsured. Anyone who is coping with high out-of-pocket costs on their prescriptions can use the card to help bring down costs greatly. There are no restrictions, no waiting, and no paperwork. The card is 100% FREE, never expires and can be used immediately.
How much can I expect to save with the card?
Your savings will vary. On average, our members save 44% on each of their prescriptions. You will always receive the lowest price available on your prescription purchase. For example, if a drug is ever “on sale” or a pharmacy’s normal price is less than the discounted price, you will always pay the lower price.
Can I use one card for my entire family?
Yes, you can use the same card for your entire family, even your pets! You can get a card for each family member, but you don’t have to.
Does the card ever expire?
Your Pharmacy Discount Card will never expire. You can use it as many times as you want. Just present the card along with any prescription(s) you have to one of our participating pharmacies.
Are there any forms to fill out?
Zero paperwork. Zero forms to fill out. Just savings!
How can this card be free?
Through our partnerships with the nation’s leading prescription claims administrators (known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers or PBMs), we have bulk buying power on prescriptions and can negotiate the deepest possible discounts. Our partners pay us when you use the card--that's why it's free.
Will my pharmacy honor the card?
Our Pharmacy Discount Card is good at virtually every pharmacy – over 60,000 nationwide. To find a pharmacy in your area that accepts the card, visit our Pharmacy Locator page and enter your location.
What if my pharmacy/pharmacist doesn’t know about the card?
If you have trouble filling your prescription because your pharmacist is not familiar with the card, we can help. Have your pharmacist call the helpline at 1-844-728-3797 to be walked through the simple processing steps.
Do I need to re-present the card each time I fill a prescription?
Yes, you should present your Pharmacy Discount Card each time you visit the participating pharmacy to fill a prescription. The information from your card should be stored in your customer file if you have previously purchased a prescription with it. Showing the pharmacist your card at each visit will ensure the most up-to-date information is in their system, so you get the best discounts.
Is this program affiliated with the government?
No, we are a privately held company that was founded in 2011 to offer a free pharmacy discount card to anyone in the USA.
Is this insurance?
No, this is not insurance, it’s a discount program. By using the card, you are obligated to pay for all prescriptions as you receive them. The program doesn’t make any payments directly to the prescription providers.
Can I use the card if I have insurance?
Yes, but our card won’t reduce your prescription discount or co-pay from a current insurance provider. However, you will find that it provides discounts on prescriptions that your insurance doesn’t cover. And, by using our card, you can often get a price on your medications that is lower than your co-pay. That’s why it’s so important to always have your local pharmacy run our card, in addition to your insurance card, so that you can compare the prices and get the best savings. If you have a deductible for prescriptions, you may be able to apply prescriptions filled using our card towards it. You will have to contact your insurance company to find out, because not all plans are the same.
Can I use the card if I am a senior on Medicare?
The card can be used on prescriptions excluded from Medicare Part D. It also can provide discounts on those drugs included under Medicare Part D once the “donut hole” is reached. However, these purchases will not count towards the Medicare deductible and won’t help get you out of the “donut hole.” It’s best to contact your Medicare plan administrator, because not all plans are the same.
Can I save on pet medications?
Yes, but only if your pet has been prescribed a medication that is also used to treat common human illnesses.
Why did I receive a card?
You received a card because you expressed an interest in health care savings on the Internet or you requested a card from our website or one of our partners.
Do you protect my personal information?
Absolutely. We do not sell or share personal health information (PHI) with third parties. We also maintain security safeguards to protect PHI.
How do I know this is legitimate? How can the card offer these discounts?
Our card is 100% legitimate. We are able to offer these significant discounts due to the relationship we have established with a top Pharmacy Benefit Manager with enormous negotiating powers over prescription costs. Savings may vary by state, drug and pharmacy.
What if I lose my card?
Not a problem. Just order a new card from our website and you will continue to receive the same great savings.