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USA Medical Provides 3 Tips for Avoiding Complications with Diabetes

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As American Diabetes Month approaches in November, USA Medical reminds people to make healthy lifestyle choices to avoid complications associated with the disease. Also, to help individuals afford diabetes medicines, the company developed customized prescription savings programs in all 50 states including: Texas Prescription Assistance Program, Florida Prescription Assistance Program and California Prescription Assistance Program.

USA Medical also provides 3 tips for people diagnosed with diabetes:

  1. Schedule regular visits to the doctor's office. Make sure annual physicals include foot and dilated eye exams. Get blood pressure checked. Screen for other complications including heart disease, as well as nerve and kidney damage.
  2. Manage stress because excess amounts can raise blood sugar levels. It's extremely important to keep sugar levels in the range advised by a medical professional. Remember to check at least twice daily.
  3. Keep active, commit to a healthy diet and avoid excess weight by making long-term changes in everyday habits. Regular exercise is critical in helping reduce heart disease risk, controlling blood glucose and losing weight. Consider foods high in fiber such as whole grains, green vegetables, fruit, and beans.

Co-Founder and President of USA Medical, Jordan Sessler says, "Diabetes has become a national epidemic. Millions of adults and children suffer from the emotional and health tolls of this disease. I fully support living healthy lifestyles but recognize that some people need medication to help control the disease—my company's Pharmacy Discount Card can help them save up to 75% on their prescriptions. The card also works with prescriptions for vitamins, supplements, and some diabetes devices, including test strips."

The pre-activated Pharmacy Discount Cards are accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the country—local, regional and national chains such as CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Thousands of popular medicines are eligible for savings, including diabetes medications such as: Novolin®, Glucophage®, DiaBeta®, Prandin®, Onglyza®, and Apidra®.

Go to to get a customized Pharmacy Discount Card for all 50 states including:

  • Alabama Prescription Assistance Program
  • Georgia Prescription Assistance Program
  • North Carolina Prescription Assistance Program
  • Pennsylvania Prescription Assistance Program
  • Tennessee Prescription Assistance Program
  • Virginia Prescription Assistance Program
These programs are not affiliated with the government.

About USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program

USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program is a division of USA Medical, which reaches out to individuals and seniors among the estimated 100+ million people in America with inadequate prescription coverage. The Company's mission is to help individuals save money on prescriptions they need.